Valentines Meal: Fine Wine Great Food

Crock Pot Roast Beef, Potatoes and Carrots with a bottle Great Wine made a wonderful Valentines’ meal on a stormy night. With the wind blowing and the temperature falling a meal at home with my Valentine of 4+ decades felt right.

It was a cold and snowy in Northwest Iowa on Valentine’s day 2019. Instead of going out for a meal I decided that I would cook and we would stay in. One of my wife’s favorite meals is a crockpot roast. That is easy and I had everything I needed.

The Meal Prep Was Simple Enough

The beef was in the freezer, home raised by our sons. Potatoes from our garden are stored in the back porch, and carrots from our garden were tucked away in the refrigerator. Pretty simple. A Naturally Healthy meal for Valentines Day

Unfortunately, someone left the last half a glass of red wine uncorked. It became the base for this meal. The Seasoning was simple as well. Starting with a light coating of fresh ground sea salt. I followed with Black Truffle Salt from allspice which took care of enhancing the flavor. The four Peppercorn medley brought a little subtle heat to the meat. Just a black and white seasoning with a few extras.

Allowing the Potatoes and Carrots to blend in with the meat juices and the wine blended the flavors together. A light layer of Thyme from our herb garden to the top of the carrots finished off the meal prep. Turn the crockpot on and let it cook all day on low. Now to pick the perfect wine for our Valentines’ meal.

Cellars Wine Club Did It Right

Having an extraordinary selection of wines shipped to your door every month gives you the opportunity to drink a few and store a few. This was a case of drink a few.

Cellars Wine Club has done an extraordinary job of keeping us supplied with wine. They have a selection of every type of wine, but still, have the ability to surprise me with every box I open.

We Chose A Syrah For Our Valentines Meal

For A Song Wines provided us with a Columbia Valley Syrah. The Deep Inky notes of game, meat, and smoke, with roasted plum and lilac notes on the nose. Layers of ripe blackberry fruit and more plum are greeted on the palate. Just the right amount of rich full flavor to make our evening right.

Wine of the Month Club

The Wine Club With Options.

From Premium to 90+ Point Wines to International and Natural, Sweet to Bubbly, Cellars Wine Club has an option for you.

Enjoy Your Valentines Night, We Did.