Natural Healthy Living: Enjoying Life

Natural Healthy living is keeping all of your life in order. By eating right, staying fit, and making distinctive choices in relationships and work-life you can avoid many common problems others face.

Eating right is a big one. If you have read anything about us on this blog, you already know that we live in the country and raise a lot of our own food. While we are not organic only, We do try to avoid a lot of additives in the products that we do purchase.

What is eating right?

It is quite simple really. When you go to the grocery store, head to the fruit and vegetable aisle first. They are easy to find and a lot of times toward what would be the beginning of the store.

There is a tremendous amount of goodness in these aisles. The only thing better is the farmers market. Eat your greens, simple is great. There are many great Organic products however Organic is expensive, and food safety in the US can generally be trusted. The “Organic” symbol has a cost and is at times abused.

Learn About Food

What you chose to put on your plate is a choice, yours to be had. However, do you know what you are putting on the plate? Every product you purchase has an advertising budget behind it. Check the “Hype” behind the brand and also learn to read labels.

Yogurt is one of the worst. I love yogurt and eat a lot of it. I also like to keep my weight down and get enough protein. What do you find in yogurt? Read the label before you buy it. Most yogurts will have a lot of sugars in them, some up to 30grs or more per serving. Many Greek yogurts will have 1 or more gum products in them to give you the impression they are made of thick creamy dairy goodness. They are not.

That is why I make my own

More to come here,

There is a huge push into alternative foods and vegetarian/vegan lifestyles. To each his own, however, God did put animals on the earth to feed man. They have done a very good job of it for thousands of years, they will keep playing a major role in keeping us alive and healthy for many more years. But learn about meat, milk, butter, yogourt and so much more. There is a lot of healthy food to be had.

This is a huge topic and I will try to put a lot of work into this so check back here often.

A video from a farmer/ ag professor after the 2020 Golden Globes

A farmer does the math on meat.

Natural Healthy Cooking

This is a big thing for a lot of people. I grew up in a time where most of what we ate was homegrown. We needed to prepare and preserve our harvest. It is what we lived on. Cooking is not hard. Does it take time? Of course, however, it can be a great bonding time or great alone time. Whichever you prefer.

I enjoy cooking. Many times I will get the evening meal as my wife is still working. Sometimes it is as easy as going down to the freezer for frozen homemade Spaghetti Sauce. Or at times spending several hours over the day preparing a special meal. There are also times when we do it together over a glass of wine. And yes, at times we even cook with it.

Stay in touch with us here as we get into not only what we cook but what we cook with. A great set of knives and a couple of good pans go a long way to natural healthy living.