Dry Red Wine and Dark Chocolate

Dry Red Wine and a Piece of Dark Chocolate are the perfect pair for my wife and me to finish a day. A busy day of doing, and another sunset as we tick off the days, finally time to sit, we chose to enjoy a glass of Extraordinary Wine and an equally intense Dark Chocolate.

There are many really good dry red wines that can pair nicely with an Intense Dark Chocolate. There are the Cabernet Sauvignons, to the Malbecs or the Sangiovese to Shiraz and the Tempranillo to the Pinot Noir. All of these will tick the box to make a heavenly match with a great Dark Chocolate. You will find all of these available through Cellars Wine Club, don’t hesitate, They’re Great

A Glass of Dry Red Wine With Dark Chocolate
Wine And Chocolate A Perfect Pair

It is Easy-Private-And Really Kinda Special

Cellars Wine Club is the kind of place you want to buy wine from. It starts with an easy to use website. There are no membership fees, no obligations, just an opportunity to pick the program you would like to be in.

Having A Wine Box To Open Is Like Having a Birthday Every Month

Wine of the Month clubs

The Club With Options

You get to choose the kind of wine you prefer, How much and how often, not just Red, White, or Both

 It really is a great way to have great wines shipped to your home. And also the best way to find new wines from a little known region. We have the wine to impress, now is the time to pair with beautiful French Panache. Now, let’s move to Intense Dark Chocolate, shall we!

World Best Chocolates

With a Premium Dry Red Wine like Petite Sirah, Dark Chocolate is amazing

Find a more perfect pair. A Chocolatier transforms the Cacao bean into fine chocolate much the same as the Vinter transforms grapes into wine. The Cacao Bean and the Grape, are both fermented, one is barrelled the other dried. However, It takes a skilled craftsman to manage the fermentation or transformation into textures and flavors promised to widen your eyes with excitement. The right person who knows how to manipulate the process to bring out the best flavors from the original product at hand.

Extraordinary Wine and Award-winning Chocolat go hand in hand. Try a 90+Point dry red wine with No10 Dark Chocolate from zChocolat.

The Number 10 Dark Chocolate From zChocolat
A dense, solid and intense Venezuelan and Madagascan blend 70% dark chocolate, generously studded with minced, crunchy Valencia almond bits. Pairs great with robust red wines.

There are many options at zChocolat, take a look and Explore the elegant array of options from the world’s finest chocolate shop for 2018 and 2019.

What A Great Way To End A Day

The opportunity to relax and enjoy time with that one special person in your life is something special. Take that time every chance you have. Enjoy those times as life can come at you fast and hard. Keep the bond special and unique. Be kind to one another and Live Your Lives With Intent. and Live Unlimited.