Corporate Gifts of Distinction: Chocolate and Wine

Corporate gifts of distinction for all businesses. A new customer. A Gift for a new VP, A Housewarming Gift, and so many more reasons to give distinctively.

A Corporate Gift of Chocolate is a gift of Luxury, Excellence, and Distinction to the most favored. A gift that leaves your client feeling like Royalty. A personalized refillable engraved mahogany box to house the masterful creations of Master Chocolatier, Pascal Caffet. Gifts of elegant edible 24-carat gold that go beyond decadent. Your Clients will remember you long after the last elegant Z has passed their palate. Be remembered for years to come by your Corporate Gift of Distinction.

By focusing on Elegance, Intelligence, and Excellence, zChocolat has become the highest quality chocolate gifting company in the world. Their ability to apply the small personal touch helps them exude all three.

Gifts of Distinction are Remembered

Take your Corporate Gifting to the next level. Your excellence in customer care will shine like the diamond you expect it to be. Your people and your customers are your business. Remember them all year. It is not just a holiday thing. They are there all year.

Corporate Gifts of Distinction
A dense, solid and intense Venezuelan and Madagascan blend 70% Dark Chocolate, generously studded with minced, crunchy Valencia almond bits. Pairs great with robust red wines.

Calls from your sales team are more likely taken when the customer has a mahogany chocolate box on his desk. Remember To Keep It Full.

What is Chocolate Without Wine?

A piece of chocolate is great on its own, it is better with a cup of coffee, but with a glass of wine, the flavors explode. You know that most of your customers have a wine fridge, maybe even a cellar.

You just gave them a distinctive box of chocolate, let’s finish this off with an Extraordinary Box of Wine. A gift of chocolate as special as this needs a great wine. We can help. Ship your corporate gifts of wine directly to your customer, client, or employee. You have your choice of the type (Sweet, Dry, Bubbly), Domestic or International, Premium-level or 90+ Point Wines.

Cellars Wine Club has been sourcing wines from around the world for 24 years. A level of experience in the wine industry, assures you of great selections, ready to drink now or Lay Down for a few years. Give a distinctive gift of wine with confidence. Enjoy a “No Bad Bottle” Guarantee, Just let us know, it will be replaced.

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