Chocolate Dominance: Intense Romantic Gifts

Chocolate: An intense romantic gift. You need that Intense Romantic Gift that says so much more than I love you. This gift has to drop her jaw like a diamond ring. It has to make the heart pound, the eyes widen and the skin tingle. This has to be a love affair in a box. Chocolate Dominance.

930x180 Romantic Collection
Say It With Chocolate

The rich intense flavors and aromas of Decadent Chocolate will fan the flames of passion with the polished heart-shaped exteriors. Next, the first taste will reveal the provocative fillings that lead way to the excitement and mystery of true love. The masterful packaging couples the rare epicurean panache to each and every member of the Romantic Collection of fine chocolates found inside this French Chocolatiers many paths to a true Chocolate Dominance. 


The famous online French Chocolatier that built his business around the love of a woman. Who else could put the panache into a romantic gift that would be unmatched? What does it take to become the Best Chocolate Store of 2018 and 2019? Unbridled Love and a great mind. Only someone truly in love with a woman could put this together. The chocolates with the many variations of fillings just make this the only choice for the special people in your life. The beauty and elegance built into the gift boxes just explode with the depth of feeling put into every gift box. Send this only to a person who genuinely deserves it.

The experience begins unwrapping the box only to find a cover pouch protecting something rich and beautiful inside. Protect it with a Heart Shaped Padlock tempting your lover until the special day. Talk about the gift of Chocolate Dominance. Allow the recipient of this wonderful treasure to look at it, and touch it. Maybe they can smell the aromas coming through, No opening allowed. Build the suspense of the gift until You are ready, or You get tempted and teased to release the gift of Chocolate Dominance to your love.

Upon Opening 

The love of your life will enjoy Chocolate from places like Venezuela and West Africa that cover the delicious ganache from Madagascar, Piedmont, China, and California, just to name a few. The quality built into the chocolates is second to none. The Taste And Aroma of these special heart-shaped chocolates are so intense that they explode with exotic flavors in your lover’s mouth. The vision of surprise is second to none as the flavors burst forth.

Make It Happen

Chocolate Gift Dominance
A special woman with fine wine from Direct Cellars enjoying the moment of wine after zChocolat Dark Chocolate
Dry Red Wine and Dark Chocolate

Watch the sip of the glass of Dry Red Wine make the experience complete. Let the flavors blend on the palate. Take in the dreamy look of pure pleasure as the Chocolate Dominance unwinds in the mind. The Chocolate overpowering the Wine until it slowly blends and melts away as the understanding of the gift appears in the eyes.

Chocolate Dominance

No other company can compare to the dominance of the marketplace. It is always the right time Maybe you have a decision to make? Do It Now. Check out the elegance of ZChocolat and allow your mind to wander in the Richness of Their Products, Their Craftsmanship, Their Intense Desire to Please the Customer, and Their Joy of Giving Back.

ZChocolat a true Dominant in the world of Chocolate.

Keep the Fire Alive

Give Gifts that keep on giving, A refillable gift box from ZChocolat and a subscription to Cellars Wine Club. You never want your love to run out of either.