About Us

Distinctive Choices is about us and our rural lifestyle also a place to market some of the things that I enjoy using in my daily life. A place to learn about life experiences and to make better choices where I have learned the hard way. While I live a different life than many I hope you enjoy the ride.

My wife and I live in rural NW Iowa, near a small town with few services. This means that we do a lot of cooking for ourselves, as well as our family. We have a lot of great experiences out here in the country and have no wish to “move to town” as many people do.

When the nearest grocery store is 10+ miles away and Starbucks is an hour you learn to cook what you have and make great coffee.

About Us
Fresh broccoli, tomatoes, and potatoes from our garden, in my grandmothers cast iron skillet.
My grill on the porch where her mother in law lived with my great grand father before she was married.
From The Garden To The Grill In 15 minutes

We farmed on the family farm for many years, however, like parents and grandparents, family farms eventually die. Ours did. In the process of settling estates, our land base was decreased significantly. Therefore renting the land was the best option.

What Do We Do Now?

I am currently kinda retired and have taken to blogging for the last year and a half. I worked with a large blogging operation at first but decided I would be better on my own. Hence, Distinctive Choices was born.

Living With Intent:

The first part of my tagline is doing something to improve your situation daily. It means getting up and going to a meaningful job, or working in your own business completing your day as professionally as possible. Paying attention to life around you, and staying away from the misuse of drugs and alcohol.

It is also about using your time wisely. You have a job and are happy working for someone else, great. If it is meeting your needs and you have the lifestyle you want, that is a wonderful thing, you have made wise decisions and worked hard to get where you are. Enjoy your life and be glad in it.

Live Unlimited:

The last portion of my tag line. I do not care what your circumstance in life is, there is a way to improve it. I realize that there are a lot of people working 3 jobs, trying to make a living and get ahead. Debilitating diseases excluded, if you keep working with the intention of building a better life, it will happen.

Take the time to live unlimited. If you have time to come home and sit on the couch watching tv or playing video games. You also have the time to build a side gig for yourself like I am doing here. Life is about us, we need to live it to the fullest.

What We Will Talk About

At Distinctive Choices, we enjoy our Wine, why and how we buy it. We will talk about living in the country, about gardening and preserving the harvest. We will talk about some of the appliances and utensils that we have accumulated and why we did.

About Us
A visit to Sir Cliff Richards Winery in the Algarve of Portugal
Wines from a trip to Portugal

There Will Be More About Us

There will also be discussions about some of the products that we use, how we eat and the need to stay healthy. What we do for exercise and the fun we have doing it. You may find some recipes for things that we have cooked up on our own, from the way we smoke our meat to the breads that we eat.

We will talk about camping and travel. The importance of getting away from your daily routine and some of the places we have been or wish to go. There will be a lot more about us as we go through the next chapter of our lives so bookmark this page and check back often. I am just getting started at being retired.

About Us
The Weekend Camping Trip with the grand children
Family Camping Trip. Every summer there is one weekend where we congregate. Grandpa, Grandma and the grandkids, then the parents show up on Sunday afternoon and take the kids home.