A Vote For The United States Of America

An Impeachment of the President Of The United States of America. An acquittal in the Senate. The strongest economy in history. More people at work than ever before. Trading partners coming to the table for new trade agreements. What is out of place here?

Trying to Understand

This country is horribly divided. A fact, but how and why? I have never before in my life seen such a division at a mass scale, or is it? What do the left and the right have to argue about? Is it truly the hatred of the President? Or are they trying to hide wrongdoings?

What has gone wrong with our country? While there has always been a division between the two major political parties, this has come to an extreme. Why the hatred, and what will it take to heal this nation?

The purpose of this post is to start a dialogue

This is a place to ask questions, a place to heal wounds, a place to look at the other side’s opinion with an open mind. I want this to be a safe place for all. We will get nowhere by name-calling and harassment. Let us work together, and Vote for the United States of America.

I Am Conservative

You will notice that I have left party names out of the conversation so far. I would like to keep it that way. It is not necessary for the discussion, so best left out.

It is not my will to promote anger and frustration, only to provide a place for people to learn about others’ needs and welfare. There is more than enough hate to go around so let’s leave it out of here. I will start this out with a major question, so here goes.

A Turning Point: Why Socialism?

This is such a major shift in what the United States of America was founded on. Where does this come from and do you really know what it will bring to your life? Is it a move that we really want to take.

I have to guess at this, however, it is a guess that most of those wishing for socialism are younger, working lower-income jobs with little or no benefits. I started my life out that way as well.

As my life progressed, I made more money, I had a side gig most of the time or I was working in a position where I could make as much money as I wanted by working longer, harder or smarter. If you are working a job and not making enough money to support your self you need to make a change. Socialism may not make it better.

Free Sounds Great!!!

It does sound great to be able to go to the doctor and never have to pay. It also sounds great to go to the school of your choice through college and post-grad without a dollar of debt, be welcomed into society, and earn $150,000 a year the first year on the job. Every man woman and child would be able to have this, right?

Does it really work this way? What tax rate would it take to do this? Is it really feasible? What kind of administration will it take? How long before the business owners close up shop and live off the government like everyone else?

A 244-Year Track Record

Is this model of Government broken? Or is there something else at play. What has happened that makes now different than 50 years ago? Of course, we have had our ups and downs. We suffered through the great depression and the great recession. However, we recovered and now are sitting at the peak of the mountain, or is it just a foothill with better things to come.

What has made this model of Government work for so long? Looking back we can find many reasons we could have failed a long time ago. Years of mismanagement in our government have caused some of the problems we faced. However, when we think all is going to fall apart it picks up or at least stabilizes. There are many things that have to come together to make a robust economy we enjoy now. Why do we want to change this?

Where Are Our Thought Leaders

Has it become too easy to dip into the till? Having career politicians is a great thing, but not always. Is this what has happened. Has someone or many been caught lining their pockets with taxpayer money? Is it that easy? Find a corrupt government, send them aid, receive the majority of it back in compensation for yourself and family members.

However, by losing our career politicians we also lose the years of experience of dealing with situations like an Impeachment. Do we want that? Or would there not have been an impeachment if not for career politicians?

Are We Being Pushed Into Socialism

Why are people telling us that this is a good idea? Have the young not been taught in our schools the history of Socialist and Communist governments. There are few that have survived any length of time at all. Generally, the country runs out of other people’s money, health care shuts down completely and food shortages are rampant.

Most people want to work, many want to run their own stores or start their own factories. This is not a model that favors Socialism. Here in the United States, it is our way of life. We do not know anything else. It is the American Dream and it has done us well. We have led innovation. Something that is lost to some socialist agendas. Do we want to let that go?

What a Radical Change

I wrote the above post just shortly before I went on vacation. Why I did not publish it is a good question? The time span is only 4 months. In that time we have been through the Covid-19 Pandemic. Somebody got tired of that and decided to have a new catastrophe.

A black man murdered by a police officer that sat on the man’s neck while being filmed. The entire time as 3 other officers stood and watched. Yes! The world went ballistic. Rioting, Looting, Hired Rioters, BLM. It has spread to every major city and many small towns are having protests as they should.

Check Back In A Few Days. I Will TRY To Catch Up

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