Distinctive Choices About Life

Distinctive Choices about life. The things we say and do that affect us on our journey in life. Choices that we make or others make for us. This is about a distinctive choice to work online to enhance my retirement with products and services I have gathered over the decades of my life.

Is there a need to make extra money in my retirement? No. If I sold a few things I would be just fine. I am not sure when or how or if I want to sell them yet. So I made the choice to do this. While I hope to monetize this website, it is also meant to be a guide to others on how to live a Life With Intent.

The Early Years

As someone looking back on life now I begin to see how life has followed different paths at different times of my life. However, the one thing that has stood out in my life is the fact that I am the best working as an entrepreneur. A fancy word for people that don’t fit the mold of working for others. This likely comes from being raised by an eternal optimist.

My first entrepreneurial income came at the early age of 6 when I made the choice to drive one of the tractors to the cornfield and pick up the ears of corn by my self. It wasn’t hard work by any means and I was out by myself. Away from the overbearing older siblings, and the annoyance of the younger ones. I was still within the watchful eyes of my parents but was busy doing something constructive, and I got to DRIVE.

I had picked up what I thought was a huge pile of corn. Now what to do with it. I used the old seed corn sheller to take it off the cob. A hand crank process was a lot for my young arms to handle. However, I did end up with a big crock full of shelled corn. My father then took the grain to the coop elevator to sell. Dad gave me the money at the supper table. Right in front of my older brother and sister. IT WAS GREAT. A defining moment when the spark of entrepreneurship was fueled at a very early age.

Today I am starting anew.

God gives this to us. The Ability To Start New Every Morning. This is for me today, for I have found a new way for myself. I have been writing for a little over a year now and had realized that while I was trying to make a difference. It just wasn’t quite happening. I belonged to a large group of bloggers but just wasn’t always happy.

I learned a lot there, but then I listened to a video in a Bible study. This crazy guy with a white beard (Bob Goff) was talking about quitting something every Thursday. By Thursday I knew what I had to quit. I made a distinctive choice to leave the group and start out on my own.

What Will You Find Here? Distinctive Choices.

I really have no idea yet where this will lead me. I generally look for the best products that I can find, within a reasonable price range. There are are a few products that I really enjoy. One of these is Wine, another is Chocolate. I have a lot of other ideas and we will have to see what shows up.

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