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Welcome to Distinctive Choices. This site is about Products I have found worthy of promotion, and Services I am comfortable offering. Food, Health, Travel, Wine, and More.

Thank you, right now for finding us here. I am writing this on the 5th of December of 2019. In 26 days we will be closing out the 2nd decade in this millennium. While a lot has happened in these first two decades, we live in a land of opportunity.

Don’t Just Sit There, Do Something

I have had an entrepreneurial spirit all of my life. Also a need to stay busy with something. While some are happy to visit with friends in a coffee shop every day I need something meaningful to do. So here we are.

I have always been a storyteller and it wasn’t until a year and a half ago I realized I liked putting words on paper (or at least on a hard drive). As I mentioned in a recent post I recently left a blogging company where I did learn a lot. I also learned that I liked working by myself and for myself, especially while being “kinda” retired. Some of us are ready and waiting for the day, me not so much.

So What Are We Doing Here?

We are going to talk about some of the things I enjoy doing like gardening, which brings us to cooking or processing the produce of the garden. I like to cook too, which includes smoking meats and preparing rubs using the herbs and vegetables raised in the gardens.

Welcome to Distinctive Choices 
Home raised Basil, Marjoram and Thyme on a butcher block cutting board. An Intentional  Choice to eat better
The Taste of Home Raised

All of this cooking leads to Appliances and Utensils. So you will be finding a few things for the kitchen. Like Zwilling Pro Knives and Ballerini fry pans. We will likely get into some harder to find appliances and accessories for them, however, I need to get busy and decide who and what I am going to promote here.

What To Drink With All This Food

With all of this good food that we have going on here, you really need something good to drink with it. So food and? Being former dairy farmers we still drink a lot of milk, and no we haven’t converted to soy or almond. It is good old fashioned cows milk, however, I have developed a passion for Good Wine.

About our Wine Times. We are not full-fledged wine connoisseurs by any means. We just like good wine. I was a part of the Direct Cellars wine club before it closed its doors, which was very sad. They had really good wine and were great people. Their closing was also part of my decision to leave my former blogging group. However, my time spent there did teach me a lot about wine.

Healthy Living With Intent

There is a need to keep yourself healthy. You can fall down a rabbit hole, gain weight, get depressed, and mess up your life really easy today. I have also found it takes a distinctive choice to live a healthy life with intent.

As we age it just takes more to keep going. One of the things I use is GenF 20, a natural product I have used for about 5 years now. GenF 20 is just one of many great products by Leading Edge Health.

Travel and Getting Away

Traveling is one of the things we love to do sometimes we have to fly, others we take the car, or maybe the pickup and camper. Just places to go and things to do. Our travels have landed us in places like the South of Spain, The Algarve in Portugal, and Hong Kong and Shanghai. As well as many places in the US.

One of the sights from a recent trip to Hing Kong
Hong Kong Ocean Front

Welcome to Distinctive Choices

We really do not know which direction this is all taking us, so come back often to keep track of us. Be sure to bookmark this site, You never know what you will find here.

If you want to know what we are working at next stay in touch. I do not spam or sell your info.